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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Rawsome adventure!

Returning with a RAWSOME celebration!! I've become an Oregonian again, returning to the small town where I was born and raised. As I've reintegrated into our coastal community, I was pleased and VERY excited to find some kindred souls.

This report covers the first monthly potluck of a group of raw foodies and raw-wannabies, in the Tillamook area. Our local Bay City "Art Space" Cafe hosted a gathering of 24, ranging from those who have been doing raw foods for some time to those who are interested in improving their health and wanted to see what this raw food stuff was all about!

Boy, did they get an eyeful! And a tummy full!

The Art Space is located right on Highway 101, with big windows facing the west overlooking Tillamook Bay. By 5:15 most of the gang was on hand, chatting and getting was amazing how many overlapping organizations and areas of interest were discovered. Some of us were previously associated or acquainted, others were total new faces. How fun!
The ambiance of the cafe is warm and inviting, surrounded by our beautiful natural world here along the bay. A great place to enjoy good company and awesomely rawsomely tasty foods!
As the sun began lowering itself toward the ocean across the way, golden light matched our spirits - we were SO HAPPY to be together! Many had waited a LONG time for this event to occur in Tillamook County. Portland has had a Raw Potluck group for some time, but it's two hours away, across some mountains that get rather nasty in the winter. Close to home is much, much better!

The menu was eclectic, including mid-Eastern Falafel with Tahini dressing, south of the border Tacos and Mexican Rice 'n Rye, Asian Thai Coleslaw, Kelp noodles (don't say "ewwwww" until you've tasted them - wow!), wonderful fresh crisp veggies with a variety of dips, spreads and dressings, lucious fruits with chocolate or vanilla Cashew Creme sauce, wild local greens in salad, crunchy succulent sprouts - you name it, we had it!
Part of the purpose of the occasion was to educate. Many books were shared, some equipment displayed that makes eating raw easier and fun, copies of recipes of the evening's dishes, and just a lot of gabbing about favorite foods and experiences. Doorprize was a pot of chives, donated by a local completely organic nursery - how cool is THAT?!
One of our terrific local resources in Rainy Day Books in Tillamook. Owner Karen brought part of her personal library as well as books from the store. She generously offered a 15% discount to all attending, for raw food book purchases from Rainy Day. Awesome!

I found it interesting that there were six "Y" chromosomes present - we tend to think of foodie gatherings being more of feminine interest, but the guys disproved that idea! And they were definately not shy about trying something new. High fives to the fellas! And don't they look happy? I saw several plates head back for 3rds and 4ths - no kidding!

The lovely and body-loving foods were crowned by desserts: Raw Cacao Chocolate Truffles, Banana Lemon Pie, and the hit of the night - Coconut Cream Pie! Lily's contribution, titled "I'm Devoted" from the Gratitude Cafe Cookbook, was gone so quickly I didn't even get a picture of it. Mostly because I was too busy EATING my share! Lily said she wanted to make something really decadent in honor of the occasion, and she outdid herself. I dreamed about that pie last night...
Art Space owner Trish and Craig reported that they had several phone calls from folks who couldn't make it last night, wanting to know when the next Raw Potluck was going to happen.
Next months, people - next month!
NOTE: if you might be interested in any of the recipes, email me at

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