"Good chefs, like artists, are visionaries. You have to have a vision of the taste, the look, the smell of your masterpiece; you hold it in your mind and make it materialize."

Onid Jatteri

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kale massage therapist

As a massage therapist, I had clients ranging from horses and dogs to babies and elders. I had to pass some detailed tests, to procure a license. I had to buy some specialized equipment, like my massage table.

I never ever thought I'd be massaging vegetables. For a different table.

Today, it was Kale. Kissed by winter frosts, it is sweet and tender all by itself. I munched enough for a lunch while picking through several varieties in the nearby community garden. Not that I don't have several varieties in my own garden. It's just fun to graze a different garden now and then.

What I brought home turned into a lovely bowl of ....


Wash and chop several generous handfuls of Kale.

Pour about 2 T. of olive oil over the kale, sprinkle with a bit of sea salt, and start massaging (did you wash your hands first?). As you work with the kale, think green, loving thoughts. Make sure all the kale bits are well coated with the oil, and it is "wilted".

Now, throw in about 1/2 of an avocado. Continue to smush and massage, working the avo thoroughly into the kale. This is also known as Kale-Avocado therapy, very specialized.

Sprinkle on fresh lemon juice. The amount is up to you. I like a lot.

Throw in any veggies that hold up their hand (frond?). Grated carrots and chopped tomatoes volunteered for duty.

Do a taste test. It's perfectly lovely at this point, ready to grace your table.

But I decided to gild the lily, as I am wont to do from time to time. A quick search in the cupboard - aha! A sprinkle of kelp, a pinch of dulse, and a healthy dash of Braggs. Hmmm.

Ok, some nutritional yeast. Sorta cheesey.

Now THAT'S a KALE SALAD! Slice the rest of the avocado, and top the salad. Just because you can.

Having just taught two raw food classes titled "Health Guardians: Winter Veggies", I am totally tuned into Kale right now. I am thrilled to have such grand plants in my garden all winter. As spring approaches, the tender new leaves are going to be tasty additions to many meals.

If you haven't grown kale - this is your year to get in touch with your inner green-ness, and make room for some kale in your garden or flower beds. Delicious and nutritious!

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