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Onid Jatteri

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adopting a greenhouse

Criteria for adopting a greenhouse:

Owners/managers must be dedicated, knowledgable, never too busy to welcome you and answer questions. A good sign is if they eat what they produce.

Greenhouse facilities are sparkling clean, disease and bug free, and filled year-round with health-promoting green stuff.

The flowers, fruits, veggies and exotics display happiness to be residents of the greenhouse. Temporary, of course, because they soon find new homes...

The bonus is when the greenhouse is less than 20 minutes away!

I just adopted Don's Waterfall Farm complete with greenhouses. Complete with tortoise - check out

Doesn't this just make your heart go pitter-pat??!! Hey, it's SPRING!!

Besides the outdoor-garden-bound babies Don and Janet grow wheatgrass by the ton. Customers buy it by the flat to take home, or snip their green bag full and leave the dirt at the greenhouse.

But here's what really put the icing on the cake (oops - forget I said that...). SPROUTS - as in LIVING FOOD!!! These are sunflower and pea sprouts. If you've never had fresh sunnies or pea sprouts, make a date with a spouter and try them. Unbelievably good for you, besides being gorgeously green.

Don graciously explained how to grow these beauties, with demonstration and details, and later supplied me with flats and two #10 cans of primo sunflower and pea seed especially for sprouting. They are easy to grow, a true delight to add to the raw menu!

One of the plants at Waterfall that is grown by the thousands (honest), is tomatoes. Big, little, and teensy tiny. Here's a new addition to the greenhouse family. Ain't she CUTE??!!

This is a Meyer Lemon blossom. Can you smell it? I can. Oh my. I covet that little tree. I've been in love with Meyer's lemons for quite a long time. I NEED a sweet little tree. But first I need a bigger dining room with more windows....(you'll see why in the next post).

Fresh and green and dedicated to healthy plants and healthy people.

Yep. I'm adopting that greenhouse.

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