"Good chefs, like artists, are visionaries. You have to have a vision of the taste, the look, the smell of your masterpiece; you hold it in your mind and make it materialize."

Onid Jatteri

Friday, January 7, 2011

30 Days Raw: Unlikely Pals

OK, the apple and orange. Check. The ginger. Check. Carrot...well, OK. Beet? Hmmmmm. GARLIC??!! WHAAA....?

Come, my little chickadees, let me lead you to paradise. When you cast this lot into the magic of the VITAMIX, you have....

1 orange, peeled, cut into chunks
1 apple, quartered
1 medium carrot
1 medium beet, unpeeled, trim off root and top (about 2 - 3", use the greens too, if you want - I did)
1-2" fresh ginger, peeled (more if you LOVE ginger like I do!)
1 clove medium to large clove garlic (if you love garlic, go for it!)
1 heaping tablespoon fresh ground flax seed
1 cup ice, or more as needed
Using the plunger to press the goodies into the blades, blend smooth. Add some agave if you really feel the need, but I found the concoction to be delightful as is.

Icey, spicy!

Food of the gods, folks, food of the gods. The garlic is an unexpected flavor note, but boy does it WORK!

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