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Onid Jatteri

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Peachy Green Smoothie!

Unless you are in with the "green groupies", you probably didn't know that TODAY is International Green Smoothie Day. Who knew?
Not only a "green smoothie", but international, no less!

As part of my raw adventure, I've been playing with green smoothies all week, even before I knew about this momentous occasion. In case you are wondering, a green smoothie is basically a fruit smoothie sans milk products, with a good helping of greens blended in. The basic ratio starts at about 60% fruit, 40% greens, until you get the hang of them, then you can go for the green.

The fruit masks the greeny taste quite well, making a luscious smoothie with a soothing green color. You may find yourself scouring the markets for overripe bananas, just to freeze for these amazing "meal in a glass" creations . Frozen fruit makes the smoothies thick, cold and creamy, without any clogging-your-system milk or yogurt.

I went to the Green Bay Farmer's Market early this morning, and scored a lot of fresh local fruit, and some gorgeous Michigan peaches. So my recipe of the day is: "Peachy Green Smoothie":

In your blender (love my VITAMIX!!), plop a cut up ripe peach (no need to peel if you are comfortable that it hasn't been sprayed - just give it a good wash), a frozen banana (chunked), and about 1/4 cup water. Blend well, then throw in a handful of baby spinach. Blend smooth. Pour into your favorite clear glass, garnish with a peach slice, put your feet up and ENJOY! Savor the icey smoothness, the sparkle of peach and creaminess of banana. You won't even notice the spinach, promise.

Other than the green hue...

Viva International Green Smoothie Day!

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