"Good chefs, like artists, are visionaries. You have to have a vision of the taste, the look, the smell of your masterpiece; you hold it in your mind and make it materialize."

Onid Jatteri

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raw reality

I'm celebrating one week of eating mostly raw foods most of the time. Celebrating, because of the remarkable differences I'm noting. With help from the wonderfully fresh veggies and fruits from my garden, I have enjoyed a grand new adventure, one that is going to have lasting impact on my life.

Having colon cancer is a real wake-up call. Step by step, I've been working towards decifering what will be the most supportive way of eating for my particular body system.

Recently I went through almost two months of waking up nauseated. I think I've figured it out, as I reported in EarthHeart. Now, with the raw foods (including dandelions!), I haven't had a single incident of nausea. Things seem to be working as designed.

Insomnia has been a plague for many years. I've slept soundly every night, all week. Celebration, for sure!

My energy level has leveled, no more afternoon crashing for a nap. With lots of things to look forward to everyday, that's a blessing. Not that I still won't enjoy a nap now and then, but now I don't feel like I just can't make it through the day without a rest.

I feel lighter, in mood, in mind and thought, and hey! lighter in body - 5 pounds disappeared! Without even thinking about it. Eating in what is labeled "proper food combining" manner has definately had results.

At times I have felt - well, the only word I can think of is, euphoric. It seems like my whole body is telling me, YES, this is the way it's supposed to work! It's been surprising how quickly my physical system has responded, and how thoroughly I've made the mental shift of recognizing that the raw food is what I need to do. It sure didn't take long! I like this feeling!

So what's ahead? I have a fridge housing a rainbow of vegetables, sprouts growing rampant on the counter, luscious spreads and dressings and dips waiting to be loved...and a very very happy body.


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  1. congrats! I always feel SO SO much better when I keep it mostly raw. There is a huge difference.